Cloud Solutions

Virtual Datacenter

Imagine never being held back because of your server(s). Always on, always ready, always fast, and with the professional support to help you succeed when software throws its challenges your way! As our core product, our Virtual Datacenters are ready to hold your applications, your data, your complete business operations. Let us help your next upgrade be your last upgrade with a streamlined migration to a cloud datacenter.

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Virtual Private Server

Tired of terrible performance? Bad IP reputation? With a virtual server of your own, you get root access to control the applications your way. Don't be held back by draconian policies and "one size fits all" packages. Your web presence represents your business on the web. Make it the best experience possible by removing artificial constraints and software limitetations. Use search like never before. Host all of your own content. Configure things your way.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

The Office tools you already know and love are more powerful than ever, enabling you to easily create, explore, and get things done. You don’t even have to be at your desk or on a specific device to be productive. Although your device may change from time to time, your personalized settings and content won’t. They stay with you, online or offline, so you can switch between devices and pick up right where you left off.

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Dont be surprised by outrageous data-transfer costs, or excess utilization prices our competitors tack on to your bills. We charge you for the services you purchase. Only. We will never shut you off for using what you need. If your growing, were growing. We'll let you know when your ready for the bigger, the faster, and the better. That seems fair to us, and simple for you.


Forget service level "agreements". Accelerate your business with our Service Level Promise to deliver your services wherever and whenever you need them, 100% of the time. But, when the unexpected happens, like emergency security fixes or software glitches that need patching, you wont have to come asking us to make things right, we will automatically credit your bill, and work harder to make sure you stay up and running. Thats just courtesy!


We will keep our finger on what your systems are doing. Running out of disk-space ? Stressing your processors? No problem. Maybe your just installing new versions, maybe not. Have a service that unexpectedly stops sometimes? Painful, we get it. We'll make sure to let you know when we think something seems off, and help you fix it.



Virtual CPU (Core) $ 5.00
RAM Memory (1 GB) $ 10.00
Diskspace (100 GB) $ 10.00
Virtual Server Snapshot (100 GB) $ 1.00
Internal Network (10 GB/s) INCLUDED


No Operating System NO CHARGE
Linux Ubuntu NO CHARGE
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 $ 20.00
Microsoft Exchange User CAL $ 6.00


System Management $ 20.00
IPv4 Address $ 3.00
Internet Bandwidth (Mb) $ 2.00
Private Network Port $ 200.00
Monitoring and Reporting NO CHARGE