Frequently asked questions and answers

These are some of the common questions we get most often when customers ask us how cloud computing works:

Q: What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is just what it sounds like. Having a large datacenter with vast resources at your disposal, much of the work computers do today happens in the cloud. Ther term "cloud" is a new way to distinguish between computing resources such as file storage, server processing, or applications that dedicate their function to an individual or oraniziation and "online" which is a term for applications available and open to anyone. An airline reservation system is open for anyone to use, whereas your private MS Exchange service is available only to your organization. Both are accesssed by the internet, but "cloud" is dedicated.

Q: How can my business leverage cloud computing?

Wether your business is just getting started, or a large organization, your applications and data can tage advantage of cloud computing. Ponder Silicon can help you evaluate your needs, and can help you move your data into dedicated resources. Everything from simple file-shares to full desktop experiences can be driven out of your own cloud solution in a protected, state of the art datacenter. Upgrading to the latest hardware and keeping your software up to date is a worry for yesterday.

Q: How are cloud desktops different from desktop machines?

Cloud desktops are just what they sound like: a full Microsoft Windows desktop experience with all your work applications and content, available whenever you need them. Accessible from your home computer, your iPad, or even your smart phone, your entire work experience is ready for any task, any time. Cloud desktops can also help you keep your work and your private lives seperate. There is no need to put work documents on the private computers of your users with cloud desktops. Of course, you can take advantage of server-grade memory, processors, and hard disk systems to ensure that the desktop experience is the best your users could have.

Q: How is Ponder Silicon's SLA different from everyone else's?

Ponder Silicon prides itself on having robust and resiliant platform to serve its' customers. Our service level commitment to you is that your hosted services will be avaiable and performant 100% of the time. However, outages affect all services, and any system that can fail eventually will fail. While other services offer service credits only after customers raise their hand, we make this process automatic. We will issue a credit to your account on the next billing cycle if any breach in SLA occurs. We feel its the right thing to do.

Q: What does Ponder Silicon do to protect my data in the cloud?

The most important aspect in any cloud environment is data protection and data resiliancy. Ponder Silicon protects your data by continuous replication from your primary facility to a remote facility beyond the reach of any reginal impacting events. Furthermore, data is encrypted to prevent breaches from leaking confidential information. When internal applications are deployed along-side VDI, you have the power to protect data in innovative ways such as blocking USB sticks, CD/DVD burning, and external hard drives from being attached to cloud desktops.

Q: Does Ponder Silicon provide support to help me fix issues I am experiencing on my cloud system?

Yes. When you are experiencing an issue, it is vital to narrow down the root cause. We will work with your development and system administration team to ensure your virtual datacenter and all services are delivering you expected results, everytime.

Q: What does the system management fee cover?

System Management fees are designed to provide you a solution for running your own applications and development environment without having to learn unnecessary sysadmin job functions. We will monitor your system to a greater degree, apply operating system patches, and scheduled security fixes. System Management fees also lower the costs of support on that virtual server.

Q: How secure are Ponder Silicon's facilities?

Ponder Silicon's hosting facilities are TIER IV Gold rated and are SSAE-16 certified. Datacenters also meet various security, resiliancy, and operational requirements to ensure compliance with a wide range of industry-specific regulations.

Q: Can I avoid upgrading or replacing our servers by moving them into the cloud?

Yes. When you migrate to the cloud, your servers and workload are transitioned to a platform which is undergoing continuous improvement. ForeverWatch Monitoring ensures you are correctly utilizing your resources and sized appropriately. We will let you know when you are stretching your resources a bit too thin, so your datacenter is always and only as big as you need it to be.