Who we are

About us

Ponder Silicon is a cloud technology company that designs, develops, and deploys cloud solutions and web services for small, mid-sized, and enterprise customers. Headquartered in Southern California, with operations in Las Vegas, NV it was founded in May, 2012. It's products include web, email, and application server solutions, virtual desktop infrastructures for its clients. Ponder Silicon also offers a full range of Platform-as-a-service solutions and complete-stack enterprise infrastructure. See more about us online at pondersilicon.com

Our Solutions

We deliver turn-key applications and application support infrastructure to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. Utilizing the latest technology, we deliver high end and highly performant server platforms, enabling developers to create the most robust and cutting edge applicaitons.

Your Partner

Ponder Silicon has simplified the delivery and management of cloud infrastructure and has made it even more affordable, enhancing the value proposition of cloud computing. You choose the infrastructure you need, decide what level of support and management you want, and we deliver that to you when your business and its customers need it. Infrastructure options span from the most basic components to form your own server(s), to the latest applications delivered as a turn-key solution. You can customize the system to suit the requrements of your solution, and deploy it in a repeatable package for easy success. To learn more about how we can help you deliver cloud solutions and services, please contact us by emailing info@pondersilicon.com.